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The company

Who we are

NanoMyP® is a spin-off company of the University of Granada founded in June 2011 to commercialise the research results of the FQM-297 Research Group in nanotechnology and optical sensors.

We supply high-tech materials for research groups and R&D departments of companies that want to incorporate nanotechnology into their value chain (download our new catalogue and the application notes).

NanoMyP® is present in many laboratories worldwide. International sales are starting to constitute one of the main sources of income for our company. For this reason, NanoMyP® has started to sign distribution agreements in order to decentralise the marketing activity of the company. See the distributors’ section.

We also have our own research lines at NanoMyP®. The core of the lines are based on the design and synthesis of new highly innovative smart materials with major applications in the biotechnology and cosmetic industries. So, tomorrow’s materials that NanoMyP® is designing “today” are:

  • Smart textiles: a new generation of textiles for immobilising biomolecules which can be used as catalysts for the synthesis of pharmaceutical drugs and in the development of immunoassay kits.
  • Biocompatible smart textiles for skin therapies (dermatological and aesthetic treatments such as psoriasis, melanoma, warts, wrinkles, facial peels, etc.)

Our strong and effective investment in R&D has been certified by AENOR according to the standard AENOR EA0043, obtaining the certificate of Young Innovative Company, Joven Empresa Innovadora, (JEI-2015/0005) and the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness with the recognition as Innovative SME (PYME Innovadora).

Innovative SME


PYME Innovadora ISO 9001 Certification CEIBiotic
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