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Polymeric particles doped with metal nanoparticles

PolymP®-Metal are spherical metal-coated polymeric microparticles.


Our revolutionary technology has allowed the development of spherical and uniform polymeric particles with a high extent of metal (Au, Ag and Pt) nanoparticle surface coverage. NanoMyP® PolymP®-Metal particles are the perfect candidates as catalysis substrates for Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS) and anisotropically conductive adhesives (ACAs). Furthermore, PolymP®-Metal-Ag can be used as biocide supports, since it has shown strong inhibition of the growth of several bacterias.

PolymP®-Metal-Au are available in dry form (200 mg) at a particle size of 1.2 µm and PolymP®-Metal-Ag and PolymP®-Metal-Pt are available in suspension (total amount of particles 125 mg) at two particle sizes (0.1 and 2.5 µm).


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Catalog number Description Size Product Data sheet  
03-12-01 PolymP®-Metal-Au 0.2 g
03-12-03 PolymP®-Metal-Ag-0.1µm 0.125 g
03-12-04 PolymP®-Metal-Ag-2.5µm 0.125 g
03-12-05 PolymP®-Metal-Pt-0.1µm 0.125 g
03-12-06 PolymP®-Metal-Pt-2.5µm 0.125 g


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