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Nonwoven nanofibre membrane for covalent immobilisation of biotinylated molecules

Tiss®-Streptavidin is a revolutionary nonwoven nanofibre membrane made by electrospinning with a very high specific surface and loaded with a high amount of covalently attached streptavidin.

Tiss-Streptavidin Schema


Tiss®-Streptavidin is easily manipulated, so that the users can cut it and give it the shape that best suits their needs. This new format of support allows a fast and easy capture of biomolecules by only a simple immersion into the matrix. No centrifugation or magnetic separation steps are needed... Just dip, wait and ready to check!

Tiss®-Streptavidin is also strongly recommended to act as support in DNA Flow technology, lateral flow and any other flow technology that could need a permeable and active support. It binds a variety of biotinylated ligands, including DNA/RNA, oligos, antibodies and proteins and addresses the concerns of diagnostic test kit manufacturers and nucleic acid researchers. Tiss®- Streptavidin reduces serum matrix effects and improve assay accuracy, resulting in really low, nonspecific binding of serum proteins and other interfering substances.


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Catalog Number Description Size Product data sheet  
04-05 Tiss®-Streptavidin 16X11 cm (1 unit)


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