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Metal functionalised magnetic nano and microparticles

MagP®-Metal are superparamagnetic core-shell nano (≈100 nm) and microparticles (≈2.5 µm) in which the core is a cross-linked polymeric matrix and the shell is formed by magnetic nanoparticles (ƴ-Fe2O3) and metal nanoparticles (Ag and Pt).

They are available in suspension (125 mg of particle) free of surfactants. 


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Product data sheet

05-04-01 MagP®-Metal-Ag-0.1µm 0.125 g
05-04-02 MagP®-Metal-Ag-2.5µm 0.125 g
05-04-03 MagP®-Metal-Pt-0.1µm 0.125 g
05-04-04 MagP®-Metal-Pt-2.5µm 0.125 g
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