Diagnostic & molecular biology

New game-changing molecular diagnostic products and kits

NanoMyP® is calling upon top-tier science in nanotechnology/(bio)chemistry and material science with robust Intellectual Property and proprietary know-how.

The diagnostic and molecular biology markets are high priority markets for NanoMyP®.

NanoMyP® endeavours to assist their partners and customers to rapidly create high-value new concepts and products in these booming markets. 

Which technologies, which products?

Current product and technology portfolio:

Tiss®-DNA extraction kit – Spin-columns for the selective extraction of small fragments of DNA in plasma.
Tiss®-Membranes - Nanostructured membranes for covalent immobilisation and purification of different molecules and biomolecules.
PolymP®-Particles – Spherical polymeric nano and microparticles. Main applications: biomolecule immobilisation for assay and diagnostic kits, controlled release systems of drugs, cell and biomolecule separation by flow cytometry, immobilisation of luminescence markers and stationary phases in “pull-down” assays for protein purification.
MagP® Particles – Spherical nano and microparticles with magnetic properties for cell isolation, enzyme immobilisation, protein separation and pre-concentration from crude samples in a rapid way.
Microencapsulation technology - Micro and nano-encapsulation by spray-drying, dripping, micro-emulsion, coacervation, or interfacial polymerisation,… 

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