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New game-changing supports in enzyme and biocatalyst micro-fluidics & lab-on-chips

NanoMyP® is discovering, developing and selling tomorrow’s smart nanomaterials…TODAY!

NanoMyP® is calling upon top-tier science in nanotechnology/(bio)chemistry and material science with robust Intellectual Property and proprietary know-how.
The biocatalyst and enzyme markets are high priority markets for NanoMyP®.
NanoMyP® endeavours to assist their partners and customers to rapidly create high-value new concepts and products in these booming markets.  

Which technologies, which products?

The current product and technology portfolio:

  • Tiss®-Microfluidics - For high-throughput and rapid small-scale screening of peptides’ and polypeptides’ activity and affinity.
  • MagP® Particles – Magnetic core-shell nano and microparticles family. MagP® Series  are a convenient affinity support for purification and immobilisation without columns or centrifugation.
  • Microencapsulation technology - Micro, nano-encapsulation by spray-drying, dripping, micro-emulsion, coacervation, or interfacial polymerisation,… 

Ordering information

Do you wish to get a price proposal for our product or services as well as additional pieces of information as to applications in the enzyme and biocatalyst markets?  

Commercial matters:

Dr. Angel Valero, Chief Operating Officer,

Scientific and Technology matters:

Dr. Antonio Medina, Chief Scientific Officer,

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