New nanostructured membranes for the selective extraction of cell free DNA from plasma

How does it work?

The Tiss®-DNA Extraction Kit is a new standard-setting product in the areas of genomic (DNA/RNA/Plasmid) and proteomic analysis. It includes spin-columns, receiver tubes and extraction buffers.
The extraction procedure is based on the principle of ionic exchange chromatography and it only consists of 4 simple steps (Fill-Spin-Elution-Collect).



Ionic exchange membranes
(Tiss®-DNA, NanoMyP®)

SiO2 membranes


No sample treatment

Proteolysis is required (proteinase K)
Washes 1 wash with distilled H2

2 washes with 2 specific buffers

Centrifugations Below 500 g 
(no need for especial equipment)
Above 6000 x g
(special equipment)
Extraction time About 30 min Above 90 min
Average yield 3,5 ng/µl 1,8 ng/µl
Protocol total steps 4 13


  • Genotyping for cancer diagnosis
  • Non-invasive prenatal diagnosis
  • cfDNA for monitoring response to treatment and to assess response and resistance.

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04-06-25 Tiss®-DNA 25 unit kit Technical data sheet Order
04-06-50 Tiss®-DNA 50 unit kit

For further information and large orders, please request quotation to our sales department (commercial@nanomyp.com).

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