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Provides anti-aging effect in sun & moisturising creams

PolymP®-Beauty is made out of biocompatible particles for new standard-setting sun &  moisturising creams.

How does it work?

By absorbing certain specific sun light wavelengths, PolymP®-Beauty shows the ability to produce singlet oxygen (a very reactive molecule) which is already widely used for treatments of dermatological and ophthalmological ailments.
NanoMyP® is now using the photo-rejuvenation capacity of singlet oxygen technology for cosmetics and dermatology, through a process called Photodynamic Therapy.
PolymP®-Beauty particles are fully biocompatible so that they can be used in topical applications for Photodynamic Therapy

  • The size of our proprietary microparticles implies that they are not likely to move through the skin nor penetrate the bloodstream thus preventing photosensitisation, a well-known unwanted side-effect of Photodynamic Therapy, to happen. 
  • As the microparticles absorb UV light, the sunscreen effect of the sun creams will also be increased. 
  • The microparticles can also be formulated in moisturising creams to generate new concepts in skin protection. 

Ordering information

Do you wish to get a price proposal for our product or services as well as additional pieces of information as to applications in the cosmetic and dermatology markets?  

Commercial matters:

Dr. Angel Valero, Chief Operating Officer,

Scientific and Technology matters:

Dr. Antonio Medina, Chief Scientific Officer,

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