Nonwoven nanofibre membrane for covalent immobilisation of biomolecules

Tiss®-Biosens is a nonwoven nanofibre membrane made by co-electrospinning. It has a pre-activated surface (containing 3-atom spacer) for direct covalent immobilisation of biomolecules and an internal core containing an oxygen-sensitive dye for optical oxygen transduction.

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Our revolutionary technology has allowed the development of coaxial fibre tissues that contain two functionalities:

  1. They allow the direct and covalent attachment of any biomolecule under mild conditions of temperature and pH (RT and physiological pH) in a short period of time;
  2. They contain an oxygen indicator dye which allows the monitorization of reactions in which oxygen is produced or consumed.

This patented technology has the following features:

  • Do not need to be pre-activated for the immobilisation of biomolecules.
  • Covalent attachment of thiol-, amine- and/or imidazole- containing biomolecules to the surface of the membrane, resulting in a highly bio-active material.
  • Enhancing sensitivity with a lesser amount of the biomolecule.
  • Enhancing stability.
  • An absence of undesired interactions with a remarkably decreasing of the background after blocking.
  • Simple and rapid monitoring of reaction in which the oxygen is envolved (optical oxygen transduction)


Tiss®-Biosens is specially recommended to act as a support for all the applications that require the monitoring of a biochemical reaction in which the oxygen is envolved:

  • biosensors
  • the monitoring of enzymatic reaction of oxidase and peroxidase enzymes
  • incorporation of biosensors in microfluidic systems. 

Competitive edge

Tiss®-Biosens does not need to be pre-activated for immobilisation of biomolecules.

NanoMyP® is the only company that provides this type of membranes as they are based on a patented technology.

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“A microfluidic device with integrated coaxial nanofibre membranes for optical determination of glucose”. Sensors and Actuators B 250 (2017)

“A multifunctional material based on co-electrospinning for developing biosensors with optical oxygen transduction”. Anal. Chim. Acta (2018)


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