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MIP Series

Molecularly imprinted polymers

Description: MIP Series is a family of compounds based on molecularly imprinted polymers for the selective extraction of TEXs, 1-naphthylamine, caffeic acid, polycyiclic aromatics hydrocarbons (pyrene, fluoranthene, benzo(k)fluoranthene and dibenzo(a,h)antracene) and tetracycline (TTC). They can be produced with or without magnetic properties. Each MIP phase offers tailor-made selectivity for the extraction of trace analytes in complex matrices.


Applications: The capacity of molecular recognition and tolerance to harsh environmental conditions, such as high temperature, high pressure, acid, base, and even organic solvents, make MIPs very useful separation materials in solid phase extraction (SPE) and sample pre-concentration. Some of them are produced with magnetic properties. The incorporation of these properties to MIPs has received considerable attention in recent years thanks to their potential application in cell isolation, enzyme immobilization, protein separation and pre-concentration of targets from crude samples in a rapid way.


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These materials can be used in:

  • Stationary phase in chromatographic columns and SPE cartridges for the selective separation of different analytes

  • Controlled release systems of different molecules (drugs, antioxidants or antimicrobials)

  • Drug Delivery

  • Smart packaging systems incorporated into the container to detect the presence of pollutants, which are indicators of the quality and freshness of the packaged food

  • Optical sensor receptors

If you are interested in MIPs for other compounds we can design them for you. Please contact the Technical Department ( 


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