Spherical polymeric nano and microparticles

The PolymP®-Particles is a family of monodispersed spherical polymer particles (nano and microsized) with several surface functionalisations which have been prepared to satisfy the most demanding applications requiring low swelling properties, uniform and monosized beads with plain and functionalised surfaces.




Polymer particles for immobilisation of biomolecules

PolymP®-H Carboxyl functionalised polymer particles
PolymP-OH PolymP®-OH Hydroxyl functionalised polymer particles
PolymP-Pyridine PolymP®-Pyridine Pyridine functionalised polymer particles
PolymP-Amine1 PolymP®-Amine1 Primary amine functionalised polymer particles
PolymP-Amine3 PolymP®-Amine3 Tertiary amine functionalised polymer particles


Epoxidised polymer particles


The PolymP®-Particles are specially designed to link biomolecules (antibodies, antigens, nucleic acids and sugars) amongst other molecules. 

It can be used in:

  • Biomolecule immobilisation for assay and diagnostic kits.
  • Controlled-release systems of drugs.
  • Cell and biomolecule separation by flow cytometry.
  • Drug delivery.
  • Immobilisation of luminescence markers.
  • Stationary phase in “pull-down” assays for protein purification.

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