Magnetic, spherical nano and microparticles

MagP®-Particles are a family of core-shell materials whose core is magnetic and the shell is a coating matrix of polymers with terminal functionalised groups.

The size range of MagP®-Particles is from few nanometers to few microns.

magP1 simulation




Plain superparamagnetic nanoparticles

MagP®-OH Hydroxyl functionalised magnetic nanoparticles
MagP®-NH2 Amino functionalised magnetic microparticles


MagP®-Particles are specially indicated for the following procedures:

  • Biomolecule immobilisation for assay and diagnostic kits.
  • Controlled-release systems of drugs.
  • Cell and biomolecule separation by flow cytometry.
  • Drug delivery.
  • Immobilisation of luminescence markers.
  • Magnetic hyperthermia for experimental cancer treatment.

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MagP® and MagP®-OH are available in aqueous suspension stabilised with surfactants. Thus, they have to be cleaned before use.

MagP®-NH2 is available in suspension free of surfactants. 

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