Magnetic, spherical nano and microparticles

MagP®-Particles are magnetic core-shell nano and microparticles. There two kind of MagP® particles:

magP1 simulation        MagP2 Simulation
Magnetic core with a coating matrix of polymers with terminal functionalised groups   Polymeric core covered by magnetic and metal nanoparticles


How does it work?

MagP®-Particles are magnetic core-shell nano and microparticles. MagP® are a convenient affinity support for purification and immobilisation without columns or centrifugation. The size range of MagP® particles is from few nanometers to few microns.



Plain superparamagnetic nanoparticles

MagP®-OH Hydroxyl functionalised magnetic nanoparticles
MagP®-NH2 Amino functionalised magnetic microparticles
MagP®-Metal Polymeric particles cover with magnetic particles


Magnetic separation techniques are becoming increasingly important with a wide range of possible applications in the biosciences thanks to their potential application in cell isolation, enzyme immobilisation, protein separation and pre-concentration of targets from crude samples in a rapid way. The unique and attractive property of magnetic carrier materials is that they can readily be isolated from sample solutions by the application of an external magnetic field. This also makes biomagnetic separation ideal for automated assay/analysis systems which will play a very important role in the near future.

Applications: MagP® Series are a convenient affinity support for purification and immobilisation without columns or centrifugation.

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MagP® Series are specially indicated for the following procedures:

  • Biomolecule immobilisation for assay and diagnostic kits.
  • Controlled release systems of drugs.
  • Cell and biomolecule separation by flow cytometry.
  • Drug delivery.
  • Immobilisation of luminescence markers.
  • Magnetic hyperthermia for experimental cancer treatment.

MagP® and MagP®-OH are available in aqueous suspension stabilised with surfactants. Thus, they have to be cleaned before use. Please see the Technical Data Sheet for further information.

MagP®-NH2 and MagP®-Metal are available in suspension free of surfactants.