Custom design materials

NanoMyP® is a high-tech company which offers the development of new functional materials tailored to customer needs and is involved in the development of new high-tech materials and products for chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and material industries, as well as the development of projects for industry-wide scalability.

We offer our clients the following services:

  1. Design of functional polymers.
  2. Design of monodispersed, polymer particles with control of both size and chemical surface.
  3. Manufacture of new materials by using electrospinning and electrospray.
  4. Microencapsulation of chemicals.
  5. Design of magnetic and non-magnetic, molecularly imprinted polymers.
  6. Design of nanostructured materials for biotechnology with high capacity for the immobilisation of biomolecules.
  7. The processing of materials by spray-drying, dripping, extrusion, micro-emulsion, coacervation and interfacial polymerization.

The company also offers material characterization services and supplies functional materials such as micro and nanoparticles, polymers, micro and nanostructured materials, magnetic particles, etc. 


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