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Material characterization

Size distribution

Instrument: NanoZS-90 and Mastersizer 2000LF of Malvern Instrument
Analysis:  Particle size distribution of solid material dispersed in a liquid medium in a range between 0.006 and 1500 microns by dynamic light scattering.
Price: 60 €/sample
Discount: 5 to 10 samples -15%
                 >10 samples -30%

Z Potential

Instrument: NanoZS-90 Malvern Instrument
Analysis: Determination of Z Potential of colloidal suspensions with particle size between 6 nm and 3 µm.
Price: 60 €/sample
Discount: 5 to 10 samples -15%
>10 samples -30%

X Ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS)

Instrument: Kratos Axis Ultra-DLD
Analysis: Analysis of a sample region (300 microns x 700 microns) or a specific point (110 microns, 55 microns, 27 microns or 15 microns in diameter).
Price: 140 €/sample

Thermal stability

Instrument: METTLER-TOLEDO mod. TGA/DSC1.
Analysis: Study of the thermal decomposition of a substance in the temperature range between 25 and 950 ° C.
Sample: Minimum of 5 mg
Price: please, request a quote

Magnetic susceptibility

Instrument: Magnetometer-susceptibilimeter MANICS DSM-8
Analysis: Determination of magnetic susceptibility as a function of temperature and magnetization.
Price: 35 €/sample

Optical microscopy

Instrument: Fluorescence microscopy Nikon Eclipse LV150 equipped with a CCD camera.
Analysis: Observation of morphology and optical properties of materials
Samples: Particles with sizes higher than 0.5 µm
Price: 20 €/sample (including 5 pictures in digital formats)
Discount: 5 to 10 samples -15%
>10 samples -30%

Laser confocal microscopy

Instrument: High speed confocal microscopy Nikon A1
Analysis: Observation of morphology and optical properties of materials
Price: 32 €/sample


Instrument: LEO 1430-VP
Analysis: Topographical and structural studies of samples, and compositionally element distribution in polished samples.
Price: 75 €/h


Instrument: LIBRA 120 PLUS de Carl Zeiss SMT
Analysis: Study of particulated samples (morphology and structural organization).
Price: 75 €/h


Instrument: GEMINI (FESEM) de Carl Zeiss SMT
Analysis: Morphological study of materials
Price: 105 €/h 


Instrument: PHILIPS CM20
Analysis: Solid state physics, quality control and study of material fatigue.
Price: 105 €/h 

If you are interested in other characterisations, please contact the Technical Department

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