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Functionalised particles for immobilisation of biomolecules

PolymP®-Link are functionalised and spherical polymeric particles with a pre-activated surface (containing 3-atom spacer) for direct covalent attachment of biomolecules.


Our proprietary technology has allowed the development of particles that allow the covalent attachment of any biomolecule under mild conditions of temperature and pH (RT and physiological pH) in a short period of time. These particles allow the covalent attachment of thiol-, amino-, or imidazole-containing ligands, resulting in a highly bio-active surface for a great variety of assays: biomolecule immobilisation for assay and diagnostic kits and stationary phase in “pull-down” assays for protein purification.

PolymP®-Link are available in dry form (300 mg) at 2 different particle sizes: 1.0 and 2.5 µm.


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PolymP®-LinK1-1 μm

0.3 g

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PolymP®-LinK2-2.5 μm

0.3 g

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