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NanoMyP® is a collaborating partner of the company IESMAT SA which is the representative in Spain of Malvern Instruments, a leader in providing specialised instrumentation for characterizing nanomaterials.

Currently, the business line “supply of nanomaterials and functional polymers” counts on the following customers: University of Granada (Department of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry), the University of Extremadura, the University of Cantabria, the Public University of Navarra and the biotech company Vircell. In addition, several distribution agreements have been signed to commercialise the NanoMyP® products and to expand our presence all over the world. See distributors’ section.

The business line “custom design materials” has the following clients: Porous Fibers Company, Phibo Dental Solutions company, the Research Group of “Biomaterials and Dental Health” (Department of Stomatology at the UGR), the Research Group of "Environmental, Biochemical and Foodstuff Analytical Control" (Department of Analytical Chemistry at the UGR), the Research Group of "Carbon Materials" (Department of Inorganic Chemistry at the UGR). Moreover, we are developing a line of new nanomaterials applied to the biomedical sector in collaboration with the Scottish company DestiNA Genomics (located in the PTS) and the nanotechnological Italian company Nanosphaera.

Finally, in the “training” business line, NanoMyP® has reached an agreement with the General UGR-Enterprise Foundation, the Association of Chemists of Andalucia (AQUA), the company IESMAT to organize specialized training courses in nanotechnology applied to the development of new materials for industrial applications and with the Universities of Granada and CEU-San Pablo for NanoMyP® to be a centre for conducting curricular internships. Furthermore, NanoMyP® will participate in two programmes of Dual Professional Training (FP Dual) with the high schools Cartuja and Zaidín-Vergeles of Granada.

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