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Mixed (polysaccharide and cyclodextrin) cross-linked copolymer

Polym-CD is a mixed cross-linked copolymer based on polysaccharide and cyclodextrin with a high capacity to absorb molecules of particular interest.

Polym-CD is the result of a patented technology and offers biocompatibility and high holding capacity for cholesterol and resveratrol, as has been indicated in studies conducted in biological fluids and in vivo.

It can be used as stationary phase in cartridges and columns for the selective removal of the target analytes directly from the sample. Furthermore, PolymCD can be used as powdered material to be added directly to the sample and isolated from it by centrifugation. It can also be used as adsorbent in cartridges for waste water treatment thanks to its capacity to retain organic and inorganic pollutants.

Polym-CD is available in dry form.


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