Corporate Social Responsibility

NanoMyP® is committed to society. We are always looking for ways of providing useful products under fair conditions to enhance the possibilities and opportunities of the community, in strict compliance with laws, regulations, rules and customs, maintaining business ethics and fighting against corruption.

NanoMyP® is a company committed to its employees, establishing decent working conditions that promote their health and safety, flexible working hours to allow the reconciliation of family and professional life as well as recreational and educational activities for their personal and professional developments.

NanoMyP® is a company committed to its stakeholders; our actions and projects are always designed to add value whilst respecting agreed contracts and fighting for the distribution of wealth in the most efficient possible manner.

NanoMyP® is committed to the environment, avoiding any possible contamination, minimizing the generation of waste and promoting an efficient use of natural and energy resources as well as involving their employees in the good practices of environmental responsibility.

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