Business Policy

Terms and condition of Use

The products supplied by NANOMATERIALES Y POLÍMEROS S.L., are intended for laboratory research purposes and therefore should not be used for other purposes, including but not limited to these: in vitro diagnostic, use in food, pharmaceutical, medical, cosmetic, humans or animals or for commercial purposes.

The Clients acknowledges that the products have not been tested by NANOMATERIALES Y POLÍMEROS S.L. to ensure the safety and efficacy in food applications, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, medical, business, or other. The Customer must ensure that he/she will use any product produced by NANOMATERIALES Y POLÍMEROS S.L. in accordance with the practices of a reasonable person, being an expert in the field of corresponding application, act in strict compliance with all laws and regulations.

The Customer has the responsibility to advise their clients or any auxiliary personnel of potential hazards associated with driving or using products purchased from NANOMATERIALES Y POLÍMEROS S.L., as well as the purpose for which they were sold. The Customer agrees to comply with the instructions provided by NANOMATERIALES Y POLÍMEROS S.L., if any, and not to use the products in any way improperly. If any of the products produced by NANOMATERIALES Y POLÍMEROS S.L. were repackaged, relabelled or used as components of other products for laboratory research purposes, the dealer must verify any test their performances

None of the products provided by NANOMATERIALES Y POLÍMEROS S.L. can be considered or may be used as a food, drug, cosmetic or, in general, as a public consumer product.

Pricing Policy

Catalog prices are in Euros and are subject to revision. These prices will be incremented with the shipping costs as well as taxes and fees appropriate under applicable law. Please check the final price with us before ordering. The offers will be guaranteed for at least 30 days. When ordering, please indicate the number of our offer.

Upon receiving your order, we can send to you the products even if prices were revised, unless instructions to the contrary from you.

You can check current prices at


NANOMATERIALES Y POLÍMEROS S.L. ensures that its products comply with the descriptions and specifications contained in the website. This warranty is exclusive, and it is not awarded any other warranty, express or implied, including, but without limitation, warranties of merchantability, and/or fitness for a particular purpose.

The Client is responsible for the use will do with the products. NANOMATERIALES Y POLÍMEROS S.L. will be hold harmless respect of all damages, liabilities, demands, obligations, suits, judgments and expenses of any kind incurred as the result of claims by the use of the provided goods.

The sole responsibility of NANOMATERIALES Y POLÍMEROS SL.L about products for which the Customer proves to be defective or nonconforming shall be either replacement of such products or refund the purchase price, provided that the defective products are be returned to NANOMATERIALES Y POLÍMEROS S.L. at their address.

NANOMATERIALS AND POLYMERS S. L. is not responsible of any circumstances for any loss or damage occurred directly, casual, consequential or otherwise, resulting from any possible failure of the products sold, including, without limitation, any lost profits, and any direct or indirect damage, including injury or damage, resulting from the use of products sold.

The placing of an order to NANOMATERIALES Y POLÍMEROS S.L. implies the acceptance of the terms and conditions of sale. If you are interested, please request a copy of this business policy to administration department.

Returns Policy

NANOMATERIALES Y POLÍMEROS S.L. only accepts returns that have been previously authorized by our staff. Our Technical Department is available to help you if any complications arise with your order. Please check all packages immediately upon receipt and inform us of any damage or mishap suffered during shipment. If you observe any damage, please save the original packaging and shipping documents.

When you deemed appropriate to make a return, please contact to our Technical Department to inquire about the steps and get the authorization. The returned product must be in accordance with safety regulations and transportation, and in a period of 15 days from the date of approval. If the damaged goods are not returned, NANOMATERIALES Y POLÍMEROS S.L. reserves the right to cancel such return.

There are some cases in which the return of products is not accept: refrigerated or frozen, expired reagents and products manufactured or packed on request, products without labels or instructions, books, software and equipment without its original packaging, controlled substances , damaged or tampered products.

Products sent as a result of mistake order on your part may be returned in some cases, if they are authorized by our Technical Department. The application must be made within 2 weeks after receipt of the products. In these cases the return shipping cots will be assumed by the customer and the return will be subjected to verification of the goods. In any case, management cost can be applied to the Customer.

Ordering and Shipping Information

You can send us your order by telephone, mail, fax or email, or by completing the form available on our website, Whenever you send an order confirmation by email after having advance by fax, phone or web, please indicate "ADVANCE ORDER BY FAX / PHONE / WEB. DO NOT DUPLICATE". This will help us to avoid mistakes and provide a better service.

We invite you also to discuss with us any points on special delivery terms, invoice periodic consolidation, etc. We are always willing to find a way to provide the service that best suits your requirements.

Orders are shipped from the warehouse of origin to its destination. The usual delivery times for products available in our store would be between 2 and 7 days depending on location. There is no minimum order amount. All orders will have an additional charge for shipping costs. Certain products are not available in stocks, so the above deadlines do not apply. Please ask for delivery confirmation when you place your order and ask us if there is any additional charge to the list price.

Any changes to the current regulations of Transport of Hazardous Substances generate an automatic change to adjust our procedures to such legislation.


The forms of payment are: credit card, bank transfer or bank receipt.

Payments must be paid within 30 days after the date of the invoice. After these 30 days NANOMATERIALES Y POLÍMEROS S.L. may exercise their legal rights and penalize timely an increase of 10% per month of the invoice value, unless the parties agree in writing other payment policy.

In those cases where it appears proper, NANOMATERIALES Y POLÍMEROS S.L. may request payment in advance of a percentage or the total amount of the invoice before to process with the shipment.

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